New Year's Commitments for Soul-Mate Searching Singles

When 2023 turns the corner, nearly 50% of Americans will be making some type of resolution. Similar to year's past, many will focus on quitting smoking, losing weight, exercising or improving their relationships with their spouse or family. In 2024, an even larger percentage of people will focus on better budgeting and fiscal responsibility.

If you're a Christian single looking for a soul-mate, what resolutions will you make to meet someone special? Will you get involved in new activities in the church? Are you open to new people who come into your life? Are you committed to growing closer to God? There are many options for meeting a soul mate but the commitment that matters most is the one you make with God. It shouldn't take a particular day of the year for you to make a resolution to bring God into your life but since the New Year is upon us there's no time like now to begin asking him to help you find that special someone.

Join Forces
Attending Church is the best way to connect with God spiritually. When like-minded people get together, there's a special power of community that can give you added strength. Visiting God's home once a week takes less time than watching a movie, grocery shopping or emailing with friends. Make a commitment to attend Church regularly and you'll be surprised at the rewards it can bring.

Change Your Thinking
Don't shy away from your faith once you leave the Church. Keep Christianity close to your heart as you go about your day and put your needs out there when speaking to other Christians. The people you encounter could lead you to available singles. They may tell you about a community fair, weekend retreat or introduce you to someone in their neighborhood who could be right for you.

Improve Your Relationship
Reading the Bible is a wonderful way to get closer to God and it's also a form of prayer. Make a resolution to read the bible and pray everyday to strengthen your commitment to God. If you're looking for a soul mate, don't be afraid to ask him to bring someone to you. Being genuine, persistent, and thankful for the gifts you already have is the best method for prayer.

Exercise Your Abilities
Practically speaking, there are several ways to surround yourself with potential soul mates by getting more involved with the Church. Teach a religious education class, offer to host a Christian singles mixer at your parish or volunteer to be part of the single/single parent's ministry. Speak to your pastor or clergyman to find out what you can do to get involved and meet others.

Believing in God and practicing your faith should come above all other resolutions. If you keep God close, he will fulfill your needs.

Lori is a writer living in Brooklyn, NY. She is currently working on her memoir-in-progress, Single to Baby.

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